Monday, September 6, 2010

Brenda Pinkston 

Brenda Pinkston has been drawing since she was a little girl. She recalls running down the stairs  on Christmas morning with the biggest smile imaginable after discovering her  beautiful new doll baby under the tree. Most important though was finding the new coloring books and crayon supplies!!! Then the big “Coloring Contest” would begin.

She comes from a family of artistic individuals.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The College of New Jersey. There, she studied Advertising Design, Fine Arts, Color Theory and Art History. She was immediately drawn toward the many works of Impressionist Artist like Edgar Degas of the late 1800's. Impressionist Artist painted with bright colors, quick brush strokes, used up close and personal subjects, unusually angled portraits and landscapes. However, it was these colorful portraits that used color to tell its story, became her favorite.

Because her work includes other influences, some would argue that  she is not an Impressionist Artist. However,  she definitely uses impressionist concepts in her work. Her paintings come alive with the use of bright colors to convey a range of emotions. The use of displaying subjects dramatically on the canvas to create an emotional closeness. Especially, controlling the mood of her paintings with unintentional brush strokes of color.

After college, she worked several years as Art Director for Don Vereen’s Applause, a women's designer salon in Trenton, N.J.

It was at Applause that she mastered her style by forcing pen & ink fashion illustrations designed for newspapers and magazines to display a sense of gradual shading using horizontal lines.

Brenda's painting style is a direct influence of combining her love for impressionist painting  techniques, commercial art and her African American roots. She believes every color has an emotion with unimaginable possibilities !
After her early retirement as a web developer from the State of New Jersey, O.I.T., Office of Information Technology, she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. Where she is raising her teenage daughter, enjoying the sunshine, drawing, painting, and beginning a new adventure creating wonderful children book illustrations! 

Crystal Pinkston
Sculptor and painter, Crystal Pinkston is a New Jersey native who has been living in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for almost twenty years.

Pinkston's art work represents the artist take on the quirks in life that clearly identify what being human is  all about,  'Or Not?'.  You will have to decide.

Her paintings and sculptures, unpredictable, define a playful use of abstract illusions, vibrant contrasting colors, unusual materials and these wonderful whimsical characters. Guaranteed enjoyment is destined viewing Pinkston's  works, which make light of the quirks in life that clearly identify what being human is  all about, 'Or Not?'.